Friday, August 12, 2011

Urban Style for Your Ears: FreeSol

When I like something I have this massive need to share it (hence the blog). So I am going to dive into the arts today and share some music from a group I love, FreeSol. These guys have both great style and great sound. Enjoy some tunes for today and I will be back on my next post with fashion, home decor, or my favorite "it" thing/person. I have just been introduced to Pinterest so chances are good I will be posting about this new obsession very soon. 

As a side note - The building in the image above houses the legendary Ernestine & Hazels in Memphis, TN. If you are ever in Memphis about midnight on a Friday or Saturday, head out to E&H, play some Al Green on the jukebox and get a Soul Burger. There is nothing like it!